Dangers Of Using Certain Teatox Brands For Weight Loss

Dangers Of Using Certain Teatox Brands For Weight Loss

A few new trending supplements are now available online in the form of teatox brands for weight loss these days.

According to google.com folks all over the web are searching for “best teatox reviews”, “skinny bunny tea reviews”, “skinny 23 reviews”, “28 day slimming teatox”, and “best teatox reviews”.

All of these brands are touting that they are the best teatox brand around, and that they are delivering impeccable results.

They all may seem to work, but what is NOT touted by these brands may actually do harm.

One of the main actions that take place when using a teatox is the potential for constant bowel movements.


I understand that this may seem to be detoxifying the body.

And sure you may be ridding the body of some toxic compounds, but that is not exactly what is going down.

These teatox brands contain plants that have a profound ability to act as laxatives.

For example, plants like Aloe, Sienna, and Sea Buckthorn to name a few, although valuable in their own right, are used for making bowel movements and or having a laxative effect.

Many studies show that natural laxative plants that induce these large bowel movements do not draw out sizable amount of calories received into the system.

This is due to the fact these plants are void of properties that act on the small intestines where lots of calories are taken into the blood.


These plants are mostly active on the large intestines.

Lots of people abuse these plants taking them in large amounts for way too many weeks.

This ends up hurting the ability to absorb fat in the body.

This may lead to some weight loss and nasty stools lol, and is most certainly not good for you!

Lots of people with eating disorders abuse these plants and it’s a sad state of affairs!

Now you will lose weight from overdosing on these teatox brands, but the negative side effects on the gastrointestinal tract are just not worth it

For example, damage to your GI tract and weak bones resulting in osteomalacia and other potential side effects.

The consumers of these brands search for terms like “best teatox reviews” and get suckered into buying these potentially harmful teatox brands.

Also, a word of advice to those who are pregnant and nursing, make sure that you are under the guide of a healthcare professional when using herbal laxative teatox brands.

So to help our readers here at soulfulfitlife.com…here is our black list of Teatox Brands we have reviewed and do not recommend!!

Teatox Brand For Weight Loss Blacklist:


  • 28 Day Slimming Detox


  • Fit Teatox


  • Boottea 14 day teatox


  • 28 day tea


  • 28-day teatox


  • Skinnymint 28 day teatox


  • Skinny 23 tea


  • Skinny bunny tea


  • Skinny fit 28 day teatox


  • Teatox slimming tea


  • 28 teatox


  • Best teatox


  • 14 day teatox


  • naked me tea detox


  • The Republic of Tea “Fet Clean”


  • Detox Skinny Herbs


  • Skinny Teatox


Now, check out our list of the best teatox brands for weight loss and overall health here!

And if you are serious about losing weight, and want to know about the best teatox for weight loss well we recommend a great program!

It’s not just the best teatox brand but it’s a safe weight loss program with thousands of studies proving its effectiveness and safety! Please read our full review on The Red Tea Detox HERE.

To your health,


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