The Red Tea Detox Review: Liz Swan Miller’s New Product Is A Gem!

Red Tea Detox Review: Could the covert secret to losing stubborn belly fat be as simple as drinking this top detox tea brand?

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Have you been struggling with losing belly fat as I have in the past?

If so, I would like to take a few minutes to reveal a top detox tea brand that does an insane trick to the body, that is not only safe, but will also produce mind-blowing results in the end.

Coming into 2018 I neglected my normal healthy eating habits and put on an extra 26 lb.

I never really had issues with my metabolism in the past when I neglected my diet and exercise regimen.

Maybe it just had something to do with getting a little older.

This time after the 2017 holiday season, I ended up with lots of extra weight gain around my midsection and hips.

Very much unwanted I might add. I never really put on extra body fat in these particular areas before.

Normally I would not be fretting over a few extra pounds after the holidays, no big deal, I will just do some intermittent fasting and some cardio.

That stuff usually takes care of it really quickly for me.

After about a month of doing my usual fasting and an exercise plan, the extra weight did not go away! The belly fat and hip fat were still there!!!! WHAT THE HELL!

I was totally freaking out!

Luckily, I have a good friend that is a natural doctor here in Northern California.

She gave me a nice discount for a 30 minute evaluation and health coaching session.

The findings of the evaluation:

o My doctor told me I was way more toxic then my normal annual checkups and needed a gentle yet consistent long term cleanse.

o I could use some help and regards two fat storing hormones

o And I could use a little boost in the production of fat burning hormones

o I was totally stressed out from the financial ends of 2017

o I needed to better balance my insulin sensitivity

o Needed some help with my food cravings because stress led me 2 binging on food at this point in my life! (I never had this issue in the past!)

Well lucky for me my lovely naturopathic doctor is constantly learning about all the new trends that really work in the Natural Health Industry and is very much in the hardcore KNOW on everything detox!

She also really knows the best teatox for weightloss as well!

She ended up setting me up with a new product by nationally recognized “health guru”, in my opinion, Elizabeth Liz Swann Miller!

After doing my research into some of the top diet tea brands and weight loss teas that works well.

I decided to go with the Red Tea Detox Program!

I was going to give this red African tea a try in hopes it would be the best herbal tea for weight loss that I could find.

“What is the Red Tea Detox?” you ask!

Well this is a wonderful 3-part African Red Tea Program created by that Guru I mentioned Liz Swann Miller.

After Liz went through decades of medical journal studies about the benefits of tea to help lose weight and the power of Red African tea and lots of trial on her own person.

The Red Tea Detox Program was created in order to do this amazing trick that I mentioned in the beginning!

Not only to come up with the best teatox for weight loss but help:

o Burn those unwanted pounds

o Help with stress that for me that led to food cravings

o Help curve those Cravings all together

o All the while tasting great refreshing hot or cold all at the same time

o Who is the red tea detox affiliates

o People like me looking for stress relief

o People who gain weight from stress

o Someone looking to gently detoxify their system

o Want to burn unwanted belly and hip fat like I did

How does this best teatox for weight loss achieve the results you might be thinking?

Well to achieve this the Red Tea Detox has a three-part system (four part if you include the main guide).

First, you get the main guide explaining why the body needs to detox to lose weight, educating on how The Red Tea Detox works getting you fully up to speed!

You are also getting three extra books that make up the three-part system!

Number 1 the diet, explaining how to cleanse, and the importance of teatox for weight loss! Guiding you on how to cleanse and also educating on the perfect foods, outlining how to add them into your diet to help achieve a flat midsection.

Number 2 the workout booklet to help double or even triple the results to burn pounds! Follow the exercise program while using The Red Tea Detox and Diet program. Now it’s not necessary to do the workout program to lose weight while using the amazing red tea but it will definitely double or triple the speed of the results if you follow the workouts!

Number 3 then you also get the Mind Set booklet this training is what helped me remain consistent with The Read Tea Detox Program! This book helped me stay committed to the entire process of The Red Tea Detox. I highly recommend book 3 if you need motivation to stay on track.

The red tea detox benefits

o Massive boost in energy

o Stress relief

o Curve cravings

o I personally lost 10 lb in 2 weeks following the program to T

o Was able to complete all daily tasks while detoxifying!

o The 60-day money-back guarantee because you better believe I was going to return this product if it didn’t work.

Drawbacks this program is not the Magic Bullet.

Like some reviews make it out to be, because like anything in life this program takes an open mind from the customer! You must be able to learn and apply the program and follow it correctly.

Remember the mind is like a parachute it only works when it’s open!!

Overall results!

Well to conclude my Red Tea Detox Review:

o I personally lost a total of 10 lb the first two weeks of using the program

o I lost a total of 30 lb in 2 months beating my goal by 4 lb.

o Leaned out my belly and hips

o Still drinking the tea to this day for cravings, stress relief, and keep my system gently cleansed!

So in conclusion, I highly recommend the Red Tea Detox Program, It is a really easy to follow system, and I believe it can really help some people!

The normal price for the program is $37, but since you made to the end of my journey and heard me out! I have a special discount for my readers! You can get the program $20! Yep, just $17 by clicking HERE!