Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Tea and How To Brew Chaga Tea Properly

Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Tea



Benefits oF Chaga (1)

  • Blood sugar balance: with high amounts of beta-d-glucans chaga can help aid with balancing blood sugar levels is one of the top benefits of chaga mushroom tea.


  • Combats bronchitis: the triterpenoids and sterols in chaga tea greatly benefit immune function and helps combat chronic bronchitis.


  • Protective intestinal tract health: the anti-inflammatory power of chaga tea can aid in neutralizing ulcers and providing inflammatory relief to the GI tract, potentially ridding the body of gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome.


  • Greatly improved circulation: the amazing phytosterols in chaga tea help strengthen the heart muscle thus providing a healthier pumping mechanism which betters circulation in the body.


  • Heart protective actions: chaga’s amazing effect on lowering bad cholesterol by consuming chaga tea everyday has a great effect on heart health.


  • Liver and blood health: due to the powerful liver detoxifying capabilities, liver cancer protective capabilities, and liver inflammation reducing abilities the liver can do its job detoxifying the body and the blood


  • Immune modulation: another amazing benefits of chaga tea are that it contains powerful metabolites that stimulate the immune system. Aiding in the ability to power up the immune system for folks who suffer from immunodeficiency, and also mitigate overactive or auto immune responses of the immune system while bringing the immune system into balance


  • Fighting sun damage: chaga also contains co-factors that help in the production of melanin. Melanin is a vital compound for skin health


  • Pain support: chaga being a powerful anti-inflammatory can cleanse the body of components, waste, and enzymes that cause inflammation thus reducing pain when taken daily!


  • Cancer destroyer: chaga tea is a cancer cell assassin, combined with powerful immune support from chaga tea the body can maintain a cancer free environment!


  • Parasite remover: with the daily ingestion of chaga tea you’ll be a poor host for invading microbes!


  • Antiviral: the polysterols contained within chaga tea have the ability to power the immune system making chaga a fine anti-viral!


  • Lowering cholesterol: the polysaccharides and beta-d-glucans in chaga support the systematic lowering of cholesterol. Also, the high levels of betulinic acid helps cleanse the body of LDL cholesterol in the blood!


  • Chemo and radiation therapy protection: the liver protective properties of chaga tea help the body cleanse the damage done by chemo and radiation. Also, the powerful antioxidants help in protecting the body from the oxidative plundering done by modern medicine and cancer practices! Chaga is a Powerhouse when it comes to radioactive waste removal.


  • Chaga contains SOD or superoxide dismutase a powerful free radical eliminator.


  • Anti-stress: chaga has the ability to mitigate the stress hormone cortisol which is a huge culprit when it comes to stress management.


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Now I’m sure you all get the point when it comes to the amazing benefits of chaga tea!

The one benefit that we love is that chaga also makes an amazingly yummy herbal tea beverage.

Chaga tea tastes like a yummy cup of vanilla tea due to its flavor constituent profile.

With that said, read on a few more minutes and we will to tell you how to properly prepare chaga tea and even turn your wonderful tea beverage into food.

Chaga on Tree  Chaga Tea

Here Is How To Prepare Chaga Tea Properly

Simple cup of tea method!

Step 1: add two tablespoons of chaga tea to a reusable tea bag or a mesh strainer tea ball.

Step 2: place tea bag into a teacup or coffee cup.

Step 3: Add boiling water to your coffee or tea cup.

Step 4: let chaga tea steep for approximately 15 minutes.

step 5: enjoy!


Making Chaga Tea On The Stove

Step 1:   use 4 tablespoons of ground chaga mushroom to every every 1.5 liters of water.

Step 2:   Bring water on stove too a rolling boil then bring down to a simmer (note never boil your chaga in a rolling boil, always brew on a simmer)

Step 3: add you’re four tablespoons to every 1.5 liter of water and simmer chaga for 3 to 4 hours.

Step 4: when the time is up chaga can be served hot or kept in the fridge for 10 to 14 days and even served at room temperature.

Step 5: on a side note you can also remove you’re 4 tablespoons of chaga that you used to brew and can reuse it again, up to three times, make sure to store it in the freezer

Besides using the stovetop method for having a constant supply of tea on hand, you can also turn this wonderful tea beverage into food.


The Nut Milk Chaga Tea Method

The chaga tea nut milk method is our favorite way to consume chaga.

Due to the fact that you can take this wonderful medicinal beverage and turn your food into medicine! Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: remove stove-top method chaga tea from the fridge.

Step 2: pour as much chaga tea into your Vitamix blender or high-powered blender as possible.

Step 3: add 1-2 cups of organic raw almonds to your to the blender!

Step 4: blend raw almonds or raw nuts of your choice on high until the chaga tea becomes a creamy nut milk consistency then turn off blender

Step 5: strain your chaga tea nut milk through some cheesecloth (note you may have to do this twice to get all of the fiber out)

Step 6: enjoy your chaga tea nut milk! You can also add sea salt to up the flavors. In our nut milk concoctions we advise using vanilla extract but that is not necessary in our opinion with chaga tea! Due to the fact it already has a wonderful vanilla flavor!

Now that you’re chaga tea nut milk is created feel free to add in all of your favorite superfoods, raw or frozen fruits, and favorite protein powders and turn your chaga tea nut milk into a wonderful smoothie that can be highly medicinal meal at any part of the day.


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